Improving your child's self-confidence
through sports and movement.

I offer support in bike riding, swimming, general coordination, self-confidence,
upper and lower body development, and stamina.

Aaron has an intuitive sense of what a child responds to, respects their limits and fears, but somehow finds a way to reach them and encourage their efforts.

— Catherine, Mother of Dan, 7 years, new bike rider

About Aaron

I am a highly motivating perceptual motor instructor. About fifteen years ago I started working with children and teens diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special needs. A family asked me to teach their child to ride a bike and once that was complete I taught him how to swim. Since then I have taught over fifty kids to ride their bikes without training wheels and nine of them to swim. When it was cold outside I came up with activities inside working on hand-eye coordination and gross motor exercises. I am now going on my sixteenth year working in homes with families.


While there are many skilled therapists in the metro area, it is not often that you encounter one who has the natural gift that Aaron does. He brings a genuine ability to connect with children on their level, making them feel appreciated for who they are.

— Mother of Matthew, 14 years, stamina

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My Philosophy

I believe providing a multi-sensory program that exercises your child's gross motor skills, as well as their cognitive development, can yield outstanding results. My one-on-one, and one-on-two development program offer a variety of situations that will help your child to push their boundaries. My program is different from others. I use cartoons, music and video games as incentives for your child to push to another level. Through scoring points, I encourage your child to finish the activity that he/she is doing. I believe that any child is willing to work harder at something he or she knows about or likes. I am able to get on a child's level of maturity and become very animated giving the child a feeling of comfort and relaxation thus allowing the child to do more work with the time given.

Aaron quickly helped my son conquer his fear of riding a bicycle, encouraging him, cheering his success and it was all completely heartfelt. It is so clear that he truly cares about the kids he works with.

— Mother of Caleb, 10 years, bike riding

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