We believe your child can reach great heights, and go beyond his or her assumed limitations. We believe seeing a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel gives hope for you and your child.


We provide a multi-sensory program that exercises your child's gross motor skills, as well as their cognitive development yielding outstanding results.


Coach Aaron believes all children should have the opportunity to learn and play sports with peers! Aarons in-school program is designed not only for special needs children, but for those who can benefit from a smaller group setting. Aaron is passionate about working with kids with developmental delays and learning differences and encourages each child to engage in developmentally appropriate motor activities and games. Some of the benefits of Coach Aarons small sports groups include: team work, attending to tasks, appropriate social skills, reciprocal interaction, listening and following multiple step directions.






He has an intuitive sense of what a child responds to, respects their limits and fears, but somehow finds a way to reach them and encourage their efforts, ultimately getting them to try and to succeed when all the while they are having fun and not even realizing that they are working hard. Our family will never forget Aaron and all that he did to help my son.
                                               — Catherine Grossman
                          Mom of 7 year old (bike riding) Dan


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