I highly recommend Aaron Anderson for anyone with a child with development delays. While there are many skilled therapists in the metro area, it is not often that you encounter one who has the natural gift that Aaron does. He brings a genuine ability to connect with children on their level, making them feel appreciated for who they are, understanding their limits and what motivates them to achieve and to work hard, and also instilling in them the belief that they can achieve and can do what they perceive as simply being "too hard" to even try.

He began working with my six year old who was afraid to even attempt to ride a three wheel scooter and within two visits had progressed to zooming around on a scooter with two wheels. From there he quickly helped my son conquer his fear of riding a bicycle, encouraging him, cheering his success and it was all completely heartfelt. It is so clear that he truly cares about the kids he works with. Kids can spot a phony or someone who is just going through the motions in a heartbeat. When they feel that someone believes in them and cares, it makes a world of difference and that is what Aaron gave to my son.

He has an intuitive sense of what a child responds to, respects their limits and fears, but somehow finds a way to reach them and encourage their efforts, ultimately getting them to try and to succeed when all the while they are having fun and not even realizing that they are working hard. Our family will never forget Aaron and all that he did to help my son.
—Catherine Grossman, Mom of 7 year old (bike riding) Dan

Under Aaron's tutelage our son has improved his coordination and athletic skills. He looks forward to Aaron's visits to our home each week because Aaron makes the workout fun and that keeps our son motivated. Most importantly, our son has gained confidence in his ability to participate in sports and this increased confidence has extended into other areas of his life. —Tracey

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