My Philosophy

I believe providing a multi-sensory program that exercises your child's gross motor skills, as well as their cognitive development can yield outstanding results. Our one-on-one, and one-on-two development programs offer a variety of situations that will help your child to push his or her boundaries. My program is different from others you may have seen or been to, simply because my use of relating cartoons, music and a video game style such as making it to another level or scoring points to finish the activity that the child is doing. I believe that any child is willing to work harder at something he or she knows about or likes. I am able to get on a childs level of maturity and become very animated giving the child a feeling of comfort and relaxation thus allowing the child to do more work with the time given.

• Bike Riding
• Swimming
• Coordination
• Self Confidence
• Upper and Lower Body development
• Stamina






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